Journal 007 – Left to chance, your tax planning will simply crash and burn..

Left to chance, your tax planning will simply crash and burn..

Our Chartered Tax Advisors lead with strategy, then provide three types of maintenance:

‘Done for You’   ‘Done with You’   ‘Done by You’

Here’s 6 of the many reasons why you need our Resource Optimisation Program (ROP)

1. Tax complexity The UK has one of the largest, most complex tax codes in the world, estimated to cover 18,000 pages of tax laws. Then there’s HMRC guidance, case law from tax tribunals, and best practices

2. Missing time limits There’s around 1,000 different Allowances and Reliefs in the UK tax system. Each has different, strict time limits, and serious financial consequences

3. Relying on out-of-date advice, or not following original advice It’s surprising how many people seek expert advice, then don’t follow it, or keep it up to date. When planning is created to achieve client’s aims, conditions have to be met within tax legislation, and specific records must be kept

A new Finance Act and new tax laws every year, means relying on old advice (or somebody else’s slightly different circumstances) is not a good idea!

4. You need a specialist tax advisor in life, and for probate when you die Using a medical analogy; you wouldn’t ask your local GP to perform complex knee surgery! You definitely need a tax expert in life, and to handle probate when you die

5. Ever changing pensions taxation By definition, real retirement advice is not best provided by those armed with a licence to sell you investments, and potentially harbouring hidden agendas, or conflicts of interest!

6. Underestimating what HMRC knows HMRC uses technology, including Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining, to cross reference government and international data, for individual and business taxpayers

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