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Choose your advisor as you would choose your surgeon, not on price alone..

‘It’s not what you pay a man, but what he costs you that counts..’ Will Rogers

If you’re reading this then maybe you’re not entirely happy with your current advisors

Under UK law anyone can call themselves an accountant but use of the letters ACA or FCA indicates that person passed a series of examinations in financial management, auditing, business strategy and taxation in its many guises. Stereotypically, very good generalists

Old school accountants have a place, just like St Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue, NYC. We can work with your existing advisors, if that’s your preference

Our property tax team at
Reth!nk.tax® are Chartered Tax Advisors who specialise in property tax. That’s all they do..

We work exclusively for property owners just like you

Most every day we have meetings with clients, and their experts, who share their best ideas so we know from routine, hands-on experience, exactly what works, in most every situation. You’re not paying us to learn. We know what other professionals are doing as we’re regularly asked for a second opinion!

We’ve more than 70 years combined property tax experience for clients just like you and we have over 17,800 property owners connected to us on LinkedIn..

If you’ve got a property tax problem, or what you really want is peace of mind, then just request a free planning review, NOW

If you’re ready to change advisor, you could pay someone to learn about your problems and to research your options, or you can work with the firm that does that every day of every week..

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