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Frankie Says is our in-house blog where we keep property tax real and aim to make the technical simple. Posts range from musings on tax reform to insights on our top tax planning structures

Doing the right thing

At Reth!nk.Tax we help property investors intelligently and ethically structure their tax in a socially responsible way designed to be within the spirit and letter of all current HMRC rules, regulations and requirements

Taxation enables Government to provide all kinds of public goods and services which are key to the character and functioning of the state, economy and society

People’s moral conscience is prompting them to do the “right thing”. That’s why we decided to help them. However, doing the right thing goes both ways and we believe the Government should work with Tax authorities to better effect.

Below is a range of issues with more cost-effective pathways for Tax revenues

Time to ReThink

Covid-19 has put a huge strain on public finances, Government borrowing is already at a peacetime high with spending cuts, and tax rises all but certain

Property tax planning comes with costs, but only two; there’s the cost of doing nothing, and that’s likely about to double, or the cost of doing something where the initial conversation here at Reth!nk.Tax is at no cost to you

The below list is a regularly updated selection of news articles and editorials on the current tax landscape

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