Journal 002 – Oh Lord, make me chaste – but not yet

St Augustine’s words from the Libertine’s Prayer, written around the time of the Budget in 424 AD, reflects the inner conflict of anyone who recognises the virtuous thing to do, yet fears the demanding struggle against human urges and passions.

Jeremy Hunt likely won’t admit his own powerlessness, as he attempts to bribe voters, ahead of a possible change of colour of government but, in reality, isn’t he just delaying the downfall of his own architects?

Should we worry about this Budget? Maybe

Should we worry about the next one? Hell yes!

Is it too late to plan? Maybe not…


So, to tax planning. Not avoidance, though that may be a consequence, and definitely not evasion, which is illegal. It suits the tax authority’s narrative to promote these terms as interchangeable but, clearly, they’re not

No need for aggressive tax strategies, like the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), where HMRC is bound by UK legislation

Just consider plain vanilla, retirement structures, similarly enshrined in UK legislation, and actively encouraged by the Government. The very same legislation that’s been exploited so successfully, for so long, by the financial services industry, and their assorted middlemen

There is a parallel world where the obsessive requirement to peddle unitised investments is replaced by client’s best interests

When Chartered Tax Advisors intellectualise those structures, taking into account the interactions with other taxes, then overlay outcomes with long-term, family goals and objectives, it typically results in compelling conclusions

By focusing on structures where there is no Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax, it doesn’t matter how high those taxes rise in future, as they don’t apply.!

Logical, sensible, and worth exploring?


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Toodle pip

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