Journal 018 – A day without laughter is a day wasted..

A day without laughter is a day wasted

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, as long ago as 1887, ‘One thinks with a watch on one’s hand’

In the roaring twenty twenties, it’s difficult not to measure each moment primarily according to its usefulness for some future goal, or for some oasis of relaxation you hope to reach once your ‘to-do’ list is finally complete

We all want to feel totally in charge of that process, but none of us are. Not really

Most of our strategies for ‘getting more done’ actually make things worse, largely because they’re just ways of avoiding our own reality

All of us have so little time available which means tough choices are inevitable. Likely, you won’t actually get to do many of those things on your ‘bucket list’

Then there’s the issue of control over the limited time you do get. That might be lack of stamina, lack of talent, or lack of resources. Maybe it’s about priorities and inclination

Hard choices are unavoidable. You have to make conscious decisions. Decide what to focus on and what to neglect

Perhaps you’re too busy chasing the fantasy of the perfect work-life balance to stop and figure out what you want to happen to the fruits of your lifetime’s work when you die. You are custodian of your family’s assets only for your lifetime

Legacy planning is all about creating a succession plan to pass your property, business or investments, tax-efficiently, to your children and grandchildren

Maybe it’s scary to realise that you can’t do this by yourself, you need practising, professional experts. Our Chartered Tax Advisors undertake family legacy planning, every day of every week

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