Journal 020 – I’m an accountant, not a gynaecologist, but I’ll take a look..

I’m an accountant, not a gynaecologist, but I’ll take a look..

Seems there’s not much accountants don’t do these days.!

The report was complex but anyone with a CTA qualification, 20 years hands-on legacy planning experience, a CV including HMRC and a Big 4 firm, likely could do it

Our team of Chartered Tax Advisors (CTAs) recently completed some inter-generational legacy planning, where Mum and Dad wanted to tax-efficiently pass their lifetime’s work to their three children, some now, some when they die

Well, during a routine visit to ‘discuss management accounts, payroll and business advice’, our client’s accountant offered to ‘provide an opinion on our report’. Days passed, then along came the accountant’s call to understand technicalities

We discussed the ingredients of the legacy planning, then left it to our newfound expert to work out the recipe. All those years of planning for clients has taught us 5 important perspectives:

1. We only ever get to be certain about the future once it has turned into the past

2. We encourage clients to embrace the notion that this life, with all its flaws and vulnerabilities, its brevity, and our limited influence over how it unfolds, is the only one we’ll get a shot at

3. Most of us spend our lives fretting about what the future holds, while forgetting that we got to wherever we are in our lives, without exerting much control over it at all

4. Whatever you most value in your life can almost certainly be traced back to some jumble of chance occurrences you couldn’t have planned for – and you can’t alter them now!

5. Knowing how limited your time on the planet is, means tough choices are inevitable, and you won’t have time for all you once dreamed you would do..

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