Journal 013 – Margaret can’t be with us, she’s scratched her Volvo..

Margaret can’t be with us, she’s scratched her Volvo..

Margaret takes real care of her Volvo. It’s a P1800S, like Roger Moore drove, as Simon Templar, in the hit 60’s TV drama, The Saint

She’s a scientist, and takes her dog, Sugarboo, everywhere

Last meeting, we talked about Margaret’s desire to pass her assets to her children tax-efficiently, and she talked about Oxytocin! Seems there may be a connection!

Apparently, oxytocin facilitates bonding between parent and child, and between couples. Always has, likely always will

Around 50,000 years ago, the brains of humans and of domesticated wolves, evolved a new response to oxytocin

When a dog and its owner interact, both secrete oxytocin. The longer they spend gazing at each other, the more oxytocin

According to Margaret, dogs given oxytocin stare into the eyes of their owners for longer. In turn, that raises the oxytocin levels of the human owner

So, a hormone that evolved for mother-infant bonding, plays a significant role in a form of bonding between species

Seems that oxytocin also suppresses fear, and activates the ‘calm nervous system’. Maybe it’s one of the reasons so many people get dogs?

Reality is unforgivingly complex, and all of this has a point

Margaret married twice, got over it quickly, and now has a very close relationship with her daughters, and with Sugarboo. She’s custodian of the assets she’s built up over her lifetime, and is determined to pass them on to the next generation of her family, tax-efficiently

She said at our last meeting, ‘I have never voted to have my wealth distributed’.  Everyone howled with recognition

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