Journal 004 – I’ve already lost touch with a couple of people I used to be..

Planning how to pass family assets to kids is so complex it requires a coterie of experts, from across the professions, to get the planning right

Yet we’re told every day ‘my accountant does that’. Typically, that’s a legacy planning delusion

In a two star hotel, the couple who run the hotel do everything, cooking the meals and running up the stairs to deliver them, checking you in, cleaning the rooms. Then they try to convince you it’s personal service

In a five star hotel, they systemise the 90%, so they can customise the vital 10%

Success in inter-generational planning is defined by attitude to the small stuff. The things occasional planners overlook, or don’t know about

At school, we accumulated yesterday’s answers to yesterday’s questions. We memorised, we figured out what examiners were looking for, we passed exams, then we forgot. No problem, it was all outdated anyway

We left academia perfectly equipped to thrive in a world that doesn’t exist.  The brightest reimagined conventional wisdom, others just regurgitated it

The clever ones surrounded themselves with experts in subjects where they lacked specific competence. Some made good choices, some not. Rarely was there any process to review and replace. The biggest enemy is ego. The need to admit that the ‘expert’, who’s now become your buddy, isn’t right, and maybe never was the best person for the job

Remember, legacy planning happens after you die, and the thing about being dead is you don’t know about it, much like being stupid!

Isn’t it time to uninstall your programming, discard what no longer serves you? Abandon what is, so we can figure out what could be?

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