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Our aim: 100% compliance with legislation

Life, goes on day after day – Gerry Marsden

We work with growing and ambitious individuals, businesses, and trusts, providing tax strategy and planning advice to accelerate growth, maximise potential and retain your legacy for your family. We are hands-on for those who want that, and at the end of the phone for those that don’t..

When we do a job in an hour it’s because we spent 25 years learning how to do it in an hour –  so you pay less 

Our ‘hands-on’ experience means we can fix property tax problems by working directly with you to legitimately minimise your tax while making sure you understand and fulfil your legal obligations

To us, it means the right amount of tax, on time, every time, but not a penny more than is legally due

Here are the ingredients we use..

The recipes have been crafted over many years with input from specialists across the professions

Every day we have meetings with clients, and their experts who share their best ideas with us, so we’re right on the pulse with exactly what works, and what doesn’t..

We do NOT use tax avoidance schemes. Done properly, planning using mainstream legislation, combined with our many years’ experience, may achieve better client outcomes,  with much less risk

Our team are ex-HMRC/ex-PwC property tax experts who utilise all statutory exemptions and allowances in the following structures and more:  

When appropriate, we encourage clients to seek Independent Financial Advice on tax efficient investments which are Government-approved investment schemes that give investors tax relief (also known as tax-breaks) on investments into qualifying companies or investment vehicles, including:

All client reports are personally crafted by our team of Chartered Tax Advisors and are bespoke to individual client circumstances and requirements

If you want additional peace of mind, we’ll obtain for you a Barrister’s report on the advice and recommendations being made, but that will cost extra

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